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RTO 1820

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Safe work awareness

New South Wales - 3 CPD points

Course description:

This short course provides knowledge on aspects associated with working safely, including risk assessments, hazards, control measures, PPE, etc.

There is no qualification outcome for this course, it is a non-accredited short course designed to provide information and knowledge only.

You will receive three (3) New South Wales CPD points toward the NSW Fair Trading's requirements. Click here for more information on New South Wales CPD points requirements.

Course requirements:

Completing this course alone DOES NOT lead to a qualification, a participant will be issued a Statement of Completion only. It is a non-accredited course. You will also receive CPD completion documentation in relation to the course.

A participant has a twelve (12) month enrolment period to complete the course.


The nominal duration for this program is 3 hours. The expected duration may end up lower or higher depending on your particular circumstances.

Assessment description:

Participants will be required to complete a range of computer marked assessments. These include true/false, multi-answer, fill in the blanks, etc. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is NOT available.

Entry requirements:

There are no designated entry requirements for this course.

You will also need access to a computer which has, or on which you are able to install, a web-cam, internet access and Google Chrome.


All prices in Australian dollars.

All personal information is collected for the purposes of enrolment requirements only. Specified information from the enrolment is required by federal legislation to be reported to the national VET regulator for statistical purposes only. Your information won't be shared with any other party.

Access to online material will be immediate.

All payment information, including card and cardholder information, is collected for the purposes of enrolment requirements only. Your payment information will not be retained and will not be shared with any other party.

Asbestos awareness - 3 points

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