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QLD Trade contractors
Business Management course

QBCC business management trade contractors course


(QBCC Approved Managerial Course)

South Australian Contractor
Business Criteria course

South Australian Contractor Business Criteria course


(CBS Business Criteria)

QLD ESO Qualified
Business Person Course

South Australian Contractor Business Criteria course


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21st Sep 2019
STEWART C. SA Contractors business - online
12th Sep 2019
SCOTT C. Trade Contractors - online FFS
7th Aug 2019
SCOTT D. SA Contractors business - online
30th Jul 2019
STEPHEN P. SA Contractors business - online
20th Jul 2019
ROBERT S. Trade Contractors - online FFS
18th Jul 2019
BRETT M. SA Contractors business - online
10th Jun 2019
ROBERT I. SA Contractors business - online
18th May 2019
THEODORE X. SA Contractors business - online
27th Apr 2019
NEIL H. SA Contractors business - online

Workshops are available for students by booking. Workshops are great for students who are new to computers, unsure about a topic or just need a space to quietly work.

All workshops are run by a qualified and helpful trainer to mentor and guide students

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Don't get lost in unsupported learning. We offer full trainer support with flexible hours to ensure your students never feel left alone

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Our construction training is constantly updated, checked, and certified by the industry so that you can be assured you are getting the most job ready training available in Australia. Our trainers are industry current as they are also active in industry in their areas of expertise.

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